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"Oh,Lady!when I left the shore,
The distant shore which gave me birth,
I hardly thought to grieve once more
To guit enother spot on earth...." Lord Byron

Hello! Welcome to the Florence! This city is amazing in all meanings of this word. There is so much to see here, so much to learn, so much to understand. It could take the life time to discover it fully, opening something new every day. It boasts many contrasts - from large squares to a straight roads, from huge palaces to small intimate museums, from shady patios to extensive parks like Boboli gardens. Florence’s history was made though many centuries, and it still influences everything even today. This city gave to the World so many famous people - in all spheres. Dante Alighieri e Petrarca, Michelangelo e Brunelleschi, Macchiaveli e Galileo Galilei were all born here and the list is endless. Thanks to the people of Florence who are working very hard to help it remain blossoming and well-groomed city that makes the visitors fall in love with it every time! Florence is not only famous as a cradle of Renaissance, but also for high quality of luxurious hand-made merchandise. The first coin of d"oro-“floring”was made here. There are also so numerous jewellery workshops that offer stunning pieces for sale. The first school of Leather production was open here in 1945 and it is still working now ! And high quality wool is also produced in Florence. A third part of cultural heritage of Italy is concentrated in Florence, so needless to say you will not have a problem with places to visit as there are 62 museums located in Florence alone! Many tourists visit Florence in passing for only a couple of hours just to see the main attractions, the most important ones. And that’s when it’s vital to have the local knowledge to be able to catch the best of the city in the short time available. I love this city. For me it was love at first sight and i will never stop being amazed by its beauty and fascinating history. And i will be more than happy to share my passion and knowledge and show you my favourite places, some not on the main tourist route but only known to the locals. You will not be able to resist its charm and beauty and will want to come back again and again. Get in touch with me via phone or email and i will plan a tour to help you discover Florence and hopefully share my passion for this beautiful place.



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